Event Date

October 7, 2016
Minneapolis Convention Center
1301 2nd Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55403

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What People Are Saying

“Giant Steps is so amazing – they have tapped into something exciting by bringing together like-minded entrepreneurs in a comfortable, engaging way... people of all levels of their career, sharing not only their business acumen, but their lives and honest revelations about business. ”- Robyne Robinson, ROX Minneapolis Jewelry

“I have twice attended the Giant Steps conference and highly recommend it to any artist and creative business owner. The panel discussions and workshops are informative, energizing and affirming. This gathering by like-minded professionals is a unique opportunity to network and learn valuable business-lessons and insights.” - Maren Kloppmann, Artist

“Giant Steps was amazing. I can't think of a place where I've met so many positive, ambitious, and talented individuals who come from all walks of life, financial statuses, cultural backgrounds, and age groups--all in one day! I'm already looking forward to next year!!.” - Kevin Beacham, Rhymesayers

People talking together at Giant Steps Conference
People at Giant Steps Conference
Photographer at Giant Steps Conference
Speakers at Giant Steps Conference